Dance/Movement Therapy

I offer dance/movement therapy, which can be an exciting way to discover yourself anew. Movement is language-like form of communication, and it helps us to understand who we are. Dance/movement therapy is based on the idea that every person, however reserved or quiet, is always engaged in motion. This rhythmic motility of ‘dancing’, as it has sometimes been called, is a direct means of expression.

Dance/movement therapy, as defined by the American Dance Therapy Association, is “the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process which furthers the emotional, cognitive, social, and physical integration of the individual.” Adding a creative process in movement to your psychotherapy promotes health, communication, and self-expression.

A premise of dance/movement therapy is that the body and mind are truly identical and that one necessarily implies the other. It is merely the point of entry that differentiates them. So a change in movement may lead to changes in the mind and affect the way you completely function. 

Discovering what your body already knows is the best reason to include body movement in psychotherapy. Movement is its own particular ingredient and using it in your psychotherapy will add meaning to your life.

How it Works

The moving starts from any place in the room such as where you are sitting or wherever in the room you would like to begin. If you need instruction I will make suggestions, which you can try and then modify to suit your needs. Paying attention to the sensations and impulses in your body can provide ideas about how to begin moving without having to put your body into any particular shape.

Not having to perform in any way for another person can provide relief. As your therapist I will work hard to help you become less self-conscious to your inner experience and provide structure as needed. My goal is to increase your comfort and reduce any fears or worries you have about moving yourself more freely.

The impulses in our bodies are like words in speech and are every bit as expressive. They can be seeds of inspiration for how your body wants and needs to move. 

A therapy process where you communicate with words and movement teaches you more about your emotions so you can know yourself better. Moving when there is unobstructed freedom can be liberating. Movement ideas can inspire you to try different actions which will expand your range of motion and expression.