Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Tests, Assessments, and Measurements

I provide mental health and learning disabilities assessment and testing for adolescents, teenagers and adults. The types of test I typically include cover intellectual, cognitive, academic, and social/emotional functioning.

Each assessment is based on the client’s specific needs and concerns and may include comprehensive treatment recommendations for multiple settings (home, school, work, therapy,etc.).The mental health testing process begins with a referral question that clarifies the reason for doing the evaluation. Based on the question, age of the client and past history cognitive and/or mental health assessment tools are used to assess intellectual and/or emotional functioning.

Cognitive assessments generally address academic achievement, cognitive processing such as attention, memory and social cognition. Mental health assessment identifies issues related to behavior and emotional aspects. These assessments, together with a detailed history, can help answer questions about learning disabilities or competency.

Additionally, testing can help identify if there are issues with memory, decision making processes, or if an individual has a learning disability or ADHD.The results of the assessments can be valuable, but keep in mind that many individuals find the tasks involved in the assessment process challenging and tiring. Depending on the referral question, assessments can take many hours and the entire process may take 6-10 weeks, from start to finish.

We will work together to arrange testing sessions lengths that will allow you to perform your best.Following the mental health assessment procedure a comprehensive report for each person will be written that includes a list of assessments that were utilized, detailed results of each assessment, a discussion of these results including strengths and weaknesses, and recommended goals and objectives.

The results of the mental health testing will be reviewed in a feedback session.